Come join our team! We have implemented HIRING INCENTIVES!

Full Time $1,000

Part Time $500

  • New hires will receive 10% of their respective tier incentive upon working 14 days after completion of agency orientation, a second installment of 40% of the incentive amount after 3 months, and a final installment of the remaining 50% of the incentive amount after 6 months of employment if they are in good standing and have a written release from his/her probationary period.
  • This incentive to hire will remain in effect through August 31, 2022. To qualify for the incentive employees must start employment by August 31, 2022.
  • Full-Time is defined as scheduled hours of 30 or more per week.
  • Part-Time is defined as 29 or less scheduled hours per week.
  • Full agency policy on Retention and Hiring Incentives, board approved 2/15/2022.

Open positions, job descriptions, online applications, and details of the incentives are available on our website.

Paper applications are available at all our locations.

Human Resources: 319-753-0193.

Equal Opportunity Employer

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