Here are the nominations received for a new board member representing the low-income of Louisa county on the board of Community Action of Southeast Iowa. Louisa county residents (especially those of low income) are encouraged to participate in the election.

Votes may be cast at the Louisa County Community Action Center at 202 E Access Street, Columbus Junction IA 52738 on Tuesday March 12, 2019 from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM OR at the Louisa County Community Action Partnership (CAP) Meeting at the United Methodist Church, 517 2nd St Columbus Junction, IA at 9:00 AM on March 12, 2019.

Voters may only complete one ballot. Only Louisa county residents are eligible to vote. Employees of Community Action of Southeast Iowa may not vote.


Name Interest Statement
Cyndi Mears There are many residents in Louisa County that are of the low-income population. My immediate family has been included in those stats in the past. My position began with Louisa Co. Community Services in March of 2013 and at that time my eyes were opened to the many needs of people. I am interested in serving on the board to further my knowledge to continue assisting Louisa Co. residents whom are in need.
Carl K. Benge I have had a strong interest in serving the community as a whole. I enjoy serving amongst the low income, especially in the area of helping people break out of the bondage of generational systemic poverty. Which can imprison entire families over multiple generations to living below their potential. I also as a pastor I also bring a different and unique perspective into the low income population of southern Louisa County.
Kristal Yotter I work with the low Income population at my Current Job as a Housing Specialist. I work with the Rapid Rehousing & Homelessness Prevention grant. I am interested working with low Income families to give them a hand up and support.
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