Medication Assistance Program (MAP) is a program funded locally in Des Moines County to help individuals that have difficulty affording their medications for chronic health conditions, access pharmaceutical company programs.

The formation of the Medication Assistance Program became a collaborative effort between Community Action of Southeast Iowa, local doctors, pharmacists, and social workers. The program started on July 22, 2002.

How does MAP work?
If you have an ongoing medication need you can contact the MAP coordinator at 319-753-2893. Doctors can also refer patients whom they believe could benefit from this program. The coordinator currently takes the referrals from the patient or doctors, contacts the patients, obtains the necessary forms, and assists the individual in filling out the applications. The prescribing physician then signs the forms and the medications are sent directly to the patient or to the doctor.

Who can utilize MAP?
An individual is eligible for this assistance if they meet the following criteria:

  • They must meet the eligibility guidelines set by the specific Drug Company that manufactures the medication they need.
  • The patient is not covered or eligible for any employers health insurance plan that covers prescriptions.
  • They must have a definite need for chronic prescription assistance.

The criteria for receiving the medications at a free or reduced cost vary from company to company, though. Each person would have to meet the eligibility guidelines for the specific company they are requesting assistance from in order to get the medication.

Does MAP really help?
MAP is definitely helping address the issue many people are forced to face; Purchasing their medications or foregoing them for other necessary expenses. In the time MAP has operated it has assisted over a thousand clients save several millions of dollars in prescription costs. A great return on investment, Community Action of Southeast Iowa truly believes that this preventative approach to healthcare services results in health improvement in our community.

MAP Brochure

For information on the Medication Assistance Program (MAP) or to make an appointment, please call (319) 753-2893.