This year we have had a few people retire and have welcomed on some new management team members.

Community Action has around 140 employees and is considered a mid sized agency. Many of our staff have been with the agency for years and are a huge asset. Each year at our annual dinner we recognize those with longevity of service noting their contributions.

In January 2019 we said thank you to Marcia Munford as she moved into retirement from being the Head Start Director and hired on Matthew LeClere.

Matthew LeClere

Matt is an Iowa native and currently resides in Illinois. He has 16 years of experience as an elementary school principle and other education experience. He likes to wear fun ties and socks, read to kids, sing, and laugh.

In March we said thank you and happy retirement to Dennis Ostrander, Neighborhood Center Director. We have welcomed on Lisa Nafziger to fill this role.

Lisa Nafziger

Lisa joins us with 14 years of experience in healthcare administration. She lives in Wever with her husband, three dogs, and two cats. They have two grown daughters who have also remained local. Lisa enjoys being busy, making a list and checking things off. After years of riding on the back of her husband’s Harley she decided to get her own, took a class at SCC, and is now an avid rider.

Those who were recognized at our 2019 annual dinner as as follows:

Employee Year Hired Program Title
Schinstock, Emily 1998 WIC Nutritionist
Kaltefleiter, Diann 2003 Early Head Start Teacher II
Lutz, Kalisha 2003 Head Start Data Specialist
Burke, Carissa 2013 LIHEAP Processing Specialist
Allworth, Megan 2013 CSBG Family Development Specialist
Garmoe, Linda 2013 Head Start Receptionist
Strausbaugh, Kevin 1984 Weatherization Crew Worker
Hopp, Diana 1994 Head Start Lead Teacher III
Hood, Lorna 1999 Head Start Lead Teacher III
Blackwell, Jim 2004 Weatherization Auditor
Magel, Troy 2004 Weatherization Crew Supervisor
Szewzyk, Joy 2014 FaDSS Family Development Specialist

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